Bitcoin vs silver bubble

bitcoin vs silver bubble

other markets crash, which are way bigger right now, but not what I would consider too big. With the cryptocurrency industry growing over 1 bitcoin chart app ios billion dollars a day and reaching 115 billion dollar market cap so far this year, a lot of crypto traders are worried about a Bitcoin bubble. For example, many sites are using the. Is the industry in a bubble altogether? On the other hand, any poor slob in the country owning some gold can walk into town and use it as money. However, Bitcoin needs a very high-tech electronic system to function.

Hell, I dont know if that will happen. Again, according to the data put out by Marc Bevand, he estimated that the total cost to produce Bitcoin on May 31st, 2017 was approximately 1,010: Actually, the text above came from Marc as he was replying to my question on his blog. I wouldnt worry about it too much. On the contrary, the world economy is much closer to collapsing under the weight of the Falling eroi than heading into a new jetsons high-tech age: I will be publishing detailed information in the future why I believe Gold and Silver will still be the. See for our whitepaper and to join the community. Im Ashton Addison, CEO/Founder of the EventChain Smart Ticketing platform. So, I sent Marc an email common forex pairs back at the beginning of August to see what his new estimate for the cost to produce Bitcoin. Gold: Energy Consumption, now that we have a more realistic figure for Bitcoins energy consumption, we can compare it to gold. Third, Bitcoin acts as a hedge for traditional investments. So, the big question on the minds of many investors is which asset is more of a bubble, Bitcoin or Gold? One of these analysts recently put out a video suggesting that silver only had about ten years to be removed from the shackles of Central Bank manipulation before new high-technology would produce silver for next to nothing. Ive read some analysis on Bitcoin profitability and energy consumption that seemed unreliable, so I thought I would put my two cents in on the subject.

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