Forex arora buy sell indicator

forex arora buy sell indicator

nature of a software product company. Swarovski India Pvt Ltd v dcit (2015) el HC 238. The Court held that surpluses recorded by the assessee in its books maintained in the normal course, which according to the assesee were not chargeable to tax could not be assumed to be undisclosed income merely due to the fact that the return of income. Teletube Electronics Limited v CIT (ITAs No 38 132 / 2002) TS-551-HC-2015 (Del) 212. The Court held that where the AO had rejected the evidence produced by the assessee and based his conclusion that the sum received was not a gift and was indeed income of the assessee only on surmises, the addition made under section 68 of the.

The Tribunal excluded companies having different financial year endings on the ground that comparability would not yield correct results until and unless there are reliable published accounting records for a financial year comparable to that of the tested party. Business Match Services India Pvt Ltd v dcit (2015) Mum Trib 177. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd v acit (2015) el Trib 116.

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Assessment / Re-assessment / Revision / Search Proceedings Assessment 216. It upheld the order of the CIT(A) quashing the reassessment order on the ground that it was on account of a change of opinion for the purpose of review of the original assessment order. Uttam Galva Steel Ltd v acit (2015) Mum Trib 178. The Tribunal held that where the assessee was engaged in the importing of goods from its AE without making any value additions, the most appropriate method for benchmarking the international transactions was the Resale Price Method. CIT v PVS Memorial Hospital Ltd ITA No 16 of 2014 TS-439-HC-2015(KER) 259. The Tribunal held that for determination of ALP of interest on loan, the interest should be determined according to the market rate applicable to the currency in which the loan was to be repaid and accepted libor over SBI Prime Lending Rate for interest. The Tribunal excluded the following companies as they were not comparable to the assessee engaged in providing software development services: Companies engaged in 2D and 3D animation services Companies engaged in software products business Companies engaged in clinical research and manufacture of bio and other. EIH Ltd v dcit (ITA No 316 / Kol / 2006 ITA No 1808 / Kol / 2007) TS-540-itat-2015 (Kol) Disallowances Section 14A 189. It held that since deprecation was allowable under section 32 of the Act the general provision of section 37(1) of the Act could not be invoked. Further, it held that the TPO was incorrect in determining the ALP of the cost sharing agreement entered into by the assessee with its AE at Nil since the assessee had furnished all agreements and other ancillary / relevant documents relating to the sharing. The Court held that the validity of a reopening notice has to be tested on the basis of the reasons recorded at the time of issuing the notice and that no subsequent event or amendment could validate the AOs reason to believe income chargeable. They are regulated by important regulatory authorities of the world including the FCA in the United Kingdom, CySEC, Financial Market Authority and more.

forex arora buy sell indicator

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