Fomo bitcoin adalah

fomo bitcoin adalah

di chatroom. Nah itu lah kira-kira istilah-istilah yang sering dilontarkan dan diucapkan dalam trading bitcoin, istilah tersebut lebih banyak diucapkan oleh orang-orang luar bukan indonesia. Bitcoin is kinda like playing the lottery, only I was close to winning. TA Analisis Teknis, rEKT Bila Anda mengalami kerugian yang buruk. I feel like making money.

But its really hard for me to look away. Luckily, theres now a site dedicated to collecting all these stories. Im not sure what was the price. Its easy to set up a Trezor, and its security seems impressive. In short, if I *did* have a lot of money invested in Bitcoin I think Id only have to lose sleep worrying about the bubble bursting rather than my wallet being hacked. Also, hindsight is 20/20, and anyone can be a good investor if they could go back in time. FUD Takut Ketidakpastian Keraguan, hODL Tunggu / Tahan posisi, jOMO Joy Of Missing Out. Im not sure I have experienced. fOMO, for the non-millennials out there, is an acronym for fear of missing out.) The site is very simple: You tell it how much you would have invested at what point in time, and it tells you how much youd have right now. Remember, hindsight is a deceptive thing. Theres a handy and masochistic website called.