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decision in Machino Montell. It is not an item of infrastructure of public utility or civic amenity like the items in the definition of the service. Therefore, it cannot be said that the appellant are the job workers for Talreja Trade. Application for waiver of the pre-deposit of the amounts involved is allowed and recovery thereof stayed till the disposal of the appeal.(Para 6). The services rendered by the appellant of money transfer is directly to Western Union. Cbec in a Master Circular. They voluntarily registered for payment of Service Tax.9.2004 under the category of Business Auxiliary Services. Appellant also issued an export invoice to the foreign buyer to realise the export proceeds: Documents on records clearly evidence that the transaction involved purchase and sale of goods on a principal to principal basis and not as an agent of anybody else: Demand set. STO 20ir Travel Agent or Business Auxiliary Service: Commission received by appellant from iata: Held: Classification of the services rendered by the sub-broker or sub-agent remains the same as that of main broker: Revenues appeal dismissed.

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For the period from 2004-05, 2008-09 upto December, 2008: Directions issued for making partial pre deposit. The said activity undertaken by the appellant, prima facie, would fall under the definition of manufacture under Section 2(f) of Central Excise Act, 1944: Pre deposit waived. In these circumstances, complete waiver of the pre-deposit is ordered(Para 3,5). Condition of pre-deposit of duties and penalties waived and allow the stay petition unconditionally. Therefore, if a notice issued proposing demand under BAS, the notice will not be aware to the precise ground on which tax is proposed to be demanded from him unless the sub-clause is specified. Hence, the demand of Service Tax, interest and penalty is unsustainable. No 164, 1st Floor, Sultanpet, Chickpet, Bangalore, pavan Stationery Mart, avenue Road, ashoka Market, Avenue Road, Bangalore. STO 2013 cestat 555 Business Auxiliary Service: bitcoin correctie Harvesting of sugarcane and transportation of the same to the sugar factory: To undertake that work they have entered into an agreement with the contractors who have provided the manpower for harvesting of the sugarcane and transportation. Introduced: With Effect From 1st July 2003. There is no merit in the appeal of the Revenue. STO 2013 cestat 5 Business Auxiliary Service: Inputs received under Rule 4(5 a) of Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 shows that the activity undertaken was central excise activity: Since issue not examined: Matter remanded back. Therefore the question of invocation of Section 73 (4) does not arise at all.