Reddit bill gates on bitcoin

reddit bill gates on bitcoin

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reddit bill gates on bitcoin

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In an interview with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg TVs Smart Street show, Gates put it baldly that, bitcoin is better than currency. Bitcoin's idealistic cypherpunk originators, angered by the financial crash of 2008, saw it as a means of bypassing crony capitalist institutions in the same anti-establishment spirit of "taking back control" that inspired such movements as Anonymous, Occupy and WikiLeaks. A couple minutes in this question gets asked: Schatzker : Some of what you just described, the need to move money from place to place, the cost of doing so, the overhead as you put it makes me think, believe it or not, of Bitcoin. The lack of consumer protection cryptocurrencies offer and their vulnerability to misuse continue to make the likes of bitcoin a risky investment proposition in the eyes of many.

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